Shane Gorman – Greens for Londonderry


G’Day I’m Shane Gorman! I’m a 22 year old university student living in Emu Plains. Ive lived in greater western Sydney for over 18 years now and will fondly admit that I find it rather difficult to feel at home anywhere else than in the west.

My parents, like many across Sydney make the hard decision to leave their lives behind in Ireland with the intent to provide my sister and myself a better life with more opportunities and safety than they had. My father is a hardworking and big hearted labourer who has worked across western Sydney building infrastructure for housing developments since the 1990s. My mother is a passionate and hardy mental health case worker and looks after a number of disadvantaged and struggling individuals across the community.

My sister on the other hand is five years my junior and is studying hard for her HSC with the proud aspiration of becoming a paediatric specialist, herself along with many her age and my hardworking parents have inspired me to take this rather daunting dive into politics at such an young age. Most of the people I have met in western Sydney are not unalike my own family and for too long now have I grown up watching governments come and go in both this state and across the country failing to ever mean what they say and perform what they promise; often at the cost of the hard working and hard done by middle and lower class of suburban and rural Australia.

I am currently enrolled in Historical and Political thought with a major in social ecology at UWS Penrith with the intent of being able to better understand my community, Australian society and how we as a nation interact between one another and with our environment. If its anything I can take away from my studies thus far is just how intricate and far reaching our interaction with the environment truly is. How a sustainable approach to development and the everyday functioning of our community not only provides vast employment opportunity but is downright vital to the continuing prosperity of the nation, the state and specifically greater western Sydney.

Aside from my studies I have been working part time in retail sales in both Penrith and Mount Druitt, some of you might recognise me solely for this reason. My five years employed in the local area has given me the invaluable opportunity to meet and get to know countless individuals from all across the community, both professionally and intimately. If it’s anything I have learned not just from my time working in the area but also growing up and going to school in greater western Sydney is that the people are well and truly unique in the sense that they so proudly represent the common experience of many Australians across the country on such a huge scale. They are hardworking, down to earth and often faced with hardships handed down by supposed leaders past and present. Despite this notion, they continue to carry on due to an unwavering sense of community coupled with an undefeatable sense of humour and easy goingness which often leaves me jaw dropped.

The people of greater western Sydney seemed to have really cracked what’s important in life, they value the little things, they value family, friendship and honesty, they are genuine people and I am proud of my upbringing and proud to be a part of this awesome community. That being said this community doesn’t deserve what it has been dealt for years, this honest and hardworking community deserves better and it has for a long time. I can’t wait to get to know you all better.

Contact: 0419 022 483


About nepeangreens

Local Greens Group promoting Grassroots Democracy since 1995. Mission: To represent the people of the Nepean Valley at all levels of government through winning seats at the table. Description: The Nepean Greens were formed in 1995. The Greens stand on four key principles - peace, environmental sustainability, social justice and grassroots democracy. All policies are derived from these principles and at all levels, local, State and Federal.
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