Kingsley Liu Greens for Mulgoa



KINGSLEY LIU – The “Peoples Attorney”

Kingsley Liu is a symbol of social justice and community spirit

A third generation Chinese, descended from the 1800’s Bendigo goldfields, Kingsley Liu commenced his working life as an engineer with the State Electricity Commission in Victoria.

Kingsley then worked as an investment banker in HK and London. Returning to Sydney and arming himself with a law degree and a passion for social justice, Kingsley set up a law practice now noted for fighting courtroom battles for the disadvantaged, battlers and community clients.

“The community needs genuine representation in the NSW State Parliament. We have seen the dishonesty major political parties engage in to get candidates elected coming out of ICAC”.

“I’ve worked with the ordinary people of Western Sydney representing their voices in the courtroom and I will continue to do this honestly for the residents and businesses of

Kingsley’s election platform will be:

Protect public services such as education, health and women services
Fight to protect the heritage and environmental values of Mulgoa Valley
Stand against the sell-off of electricity
Force the Government to account and be transparent with its urban development and infrastructure projects in Western Sydney in particular.

“With an understanding of business and economics I can help Western Sydney and this region grow jobs and flourish. With a strong commitment, living and working in the Penrith area I can take the voices of the people to the Parliament of NSW.”

Kingsley can be contacted on Email: Phone: 0414 580 428


About nepeangreens

Local Greens Group promoting Grassroots Democracy since 1995. Mission: To represent the people of the Nepean Valley at all levels of government through winning seats at the table. Description: The Nepean Greens were formed in 1995. The Greens stand on four key principles - peace, environmental sustainability, social justice and grassroots democracy. All policies are derived from these principles and at all levels, local, State and Federal.
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