Mark O’Sullivan Greens for Penrith


Mark O’Sullivan has been a resident of the Nepean region for most of his life and has a passionate belief in the present and future of the region.  He thinks that the residents of Penrith deserve to have a clear plan that incorporates economic and housing growth whilst preserving the natural features that attract people to the area in the first place.

Mark believes that Penrith has a bright economic future as a significant regional centre and should be working towards providing sustainable, long term jobs for people living in the region.  There should also be good planning for that growth, in terms of better public transport for getting around the Penrith area as well as going into Sydney. There should also be better facilities for those who wish to use their bikes in the area.

It is also important that Penrith has representation that doesn’t involve political parties who have long and questionable relationships with land developers and real estate agents, who look after their own interests before looking after the interests of the people of NSW. The Greens are dedicated to clean politics and Mark would like to continue that principle going.

Penrith also deserves a better advocate for issues that involve their daily lives – such as better funding for our public schools – especially for children with special needs, which has continued to be neglected by both major parties and better services for those in our community that need support – another part of our community that seems to be forgotten, especially a Liberal Government dedicated to making more money for their rich mates.

Finally, Penrith needs to send a message to Macquarie St that selling off our electricity infrastructure is not ok – we shouldn’t be putting our poles and wires into the hands of companies whose only interest is making money.  Selling it off, just so most of that money can go to providing the Liberal electorates of the North and North West of Sydney a railway line and new harbour crossing is not sound management of our state assets. Nor will it be good for the long term goal of having more renewable energy solutions adding power to our main electricity grid.

Mark O’Sullivan

Contact: 0410 613 909


About nepeangreens

Local Greens Group promoting Grassroots Democracy since 1995. Mission: To represent the people of the Nepean Valley at all levels of government through winning seats at the table. Description: The Nepean Greens were formed in 1995. The Greens stand on four key principles - peace, environmental sustainability, social justice and grassroots democracy. All policies are derived from these principles and at all levels, local, State and Federal.
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