Western Weekender Article Response – Fiona Scott welcomes axing of the carbon tax (25 July 2014 Issue 1163)

Letter to the Editor from Michelle Tormey, sent 30 July 2014

In response to this article:

Carbon Pricing has made a difference.

According to the Climate Institute, since the introduction of the carbon price:
– Pollution is down by 10.3 percent in the year to May 2014.
– Our energy mix is cleaner including increased uptake of Solar & Wind. Carbon pollution per megawatt hour is also down by 5.7 percent since the introduction of the carbon price.
– The Australian economy remains strong, the predicted catastrophic impacts on the economy have not come to pass.
– It was achieving its reduced pollution level target of 15 percent by 2020
– The majority of Australians (almost 2 thirds) want climate action leadership from our government.

Fiona should take a look at the achievements of our council and the civic leadership it has shown in regards to sustainability, by implementing its own mechanisms to move towards a lower carbon future such as the sustainability revolving fund, recycled organics and the installation of solar panels on council assets.

On the note of families being better off, and the retention of the clean energy supplement I would note that with the removal of the income the carbon price generated they will need to find the money elsewhere to compensate eligible families. From a government who claims we are in a budget crisis, it seems hypocritical to make such commitments. Where will the money come from?

Michelle Tormey (Greens Councillor & Sustainability Champion – Penrith City Council)

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